How to try Backend API

In Backend API Reference you have ability to try all it's functionality without installing any 3rd party software.

In all methods you'll see "Try it out" tab.

Steps to try API:

1. Click on "Try it out" tab in any Backend API method
2. Enter your API Key in X-API-KEY input at:
  • Variables group - API Key will be stored and used for all methods
  • Headers group - API Key will be used only for current method
3. Enter, if needed: Path Params, Query Strings or Request Body (for POST requests)
4. Choose in select box:
  • Use API response - all request will be sent to LIVE system. Be careful - requests will impact your real data.
  • Use mocked response - requests will be sent to mocking server - you'll receive example data.
5. Press Send request button.